Monday, November 7, 2011

Morappams just turned out fine!

I had unexpected guests today and really wondered what to cook for them. Well I hadn't visited the supermarket for this week's shopping so my refrigerator stayed empty and helpless. I went to check what I had in my refrigerator that would come as a savior and found my other day's idli batter.  I had stored it for making dosas the next morning for breakfast.

The non-stick appam girdle 

So I though I'll just use this batter and come out with something that was quick and tasty. I remembered one fo my South Indian friend's recipe which she usually cooked when ever she was in a hurry! Inspired by her I had bought the special pan that the recipe calls for - Appam Tava (Appam Pan). Though these South Indians (Keralaites) usually cook morappams in the traditional iron girdle which they call as unniappa chatti, nowadays the super markets hold the non-stick girdles which I find very convenient.

So I finally started out to cook the morappams in the non-stick girdle for the first time.  The recipe actually is very easy and takes very little time to cook. The one benefit about cooking this recipe in a non-stick pan is that you can use less oil and still the morappams turn out just fine. It also get less messy and quicker! And my guests actually enjoyed the recipe, few of them including the kids also loved it!

Here's the quick, easy and anytime Morappam Recipe 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Zoo Trip Pics

Yeah I visited the Jijamata Udyan Zoo in Byculla this weekend with my son! Needed to plan this trip, as I was busy with my projects whole week, and haven't given my son much of a time whole week. The trip was amazing though we didn't actually see much animals. But the quality time we got to spend was worth while!

My son, Dev had visited this zoo a couple of times but not for the past two years. So he was pretty excited. For him it was not important that he wouldn't get to see animals, I mean he wasn't there for the same. But for him the only reason to visit the zoo was to see those bats.

He was pretty unhappy that the bats weren't getting much attention, however the fact that at least he got to see them made him happy.

And though you may not be able to see any animals within this blog post, please nothing much to see in this zoo. However for my son what matters is the presence of the different berries and flowers is exciting enough!

You will always find him somewhere around the trees!

Hey he spotted some red berries!

And he did enjoy some qualitative time though!

Do not Feed the Zoo Animals: Doesn't that ring the bell

I mean come' it so hard obeying the rules! You always find signboards all over the zoo mentioning few simple rules; one of those being

 Do not feed the animals

But it seems so hard for these people to understand it. My recent trip to the Jijamata Udyaan taught me the same. I could see the security did thorough checking for any eatable in the entrance for each and every visitor. Even I had packed few eatables which the security guard objected so I placed it in one of the lockers (open lockers); not sure whether I would find them back my way home.

Anyways once I entered inside the zoo with my son I could see many people eating fast foods which they still managed to sneak in!( I wonder how). In fact I found a man feeding some fast food to one of the birds in the zoo. I mean seriously is it so difficult to stop doing it!

And then I read in today's DNA Newspaper, that they found plastic wrapper in one of the cages. Yeah why not!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali Guys

Happy Diwali to all my friends and everyone out there! Have a SUPER, Beautiful and Safe Diwali.. And please don't fire crackers beyond the stated time limit.

Happy Diwali to Everyone

Diwali is all I could think of to start my new blog! As we say we Indians always look up for an auspicious day to start up something new, I guess the same reason. So Diwali is here and as always I am super excited! It could never be anything like it as a Grand Diwali Celebration. Diwali Festival excites us more and we all are eager to celebrate Diwali happily.

We start our plans way ahead couple of weeks before so that we a re all prepared to enjoy and be ready for the Diwali Celebration. There is much to plan up, the cleaning schedule, the Diwali sweets preparation, not to forget the shopping and most of all the menu preparation for Bhaubeej and Padwaa! Bhaubeej is the say when you get to meet your bros who are busy with their jobs and hectic schedules, but make it point to reach you on this day. Padwaa is special as you and your hubby spend some quality time together and not to forget the gifts that you receive.

Diwali is one festival which everyone in my house keeps looking for! My son, to enjoy the festival, the vacation and some quality time for fire crackers with his father. My hubby who enjoys decorating the house with lights, lanterns, holiday and my mom-in law for she enjoys preparing sweets. Thus Diwali is SUPER GR8!